Suite 8

Shopping burns few calories. Elevated Fitness is located in the Village Center to help you burn much much more. This gym is the defnition of ‘green’—with a facility that is run on human power by members using inverter-equipped spin bikes that deliver electricity back to the grid to power lights, computers and fans. This is one of two sustainable, human-powered facilities in the country and one of five on the planet.

This high-end gym focuses on dynamic, scientific workouts so that members get the best results from their workout. The workouts are based on metabolic resistance training, which combines strength and conditioning for optimum impact on overall fitness and metabolism. There are four key classes and areas they focus on: Conditioning, Strength, Hz and MHz spin and Recess. Elevated Fitness helps athlete’s train for the sports they actually play and gym-goers to train for activities they actually do. The management staff members hold a list of impressive certifications and know how to get clients results safely, efficiently and effectively.

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