Fragrance Vault has one of the best collections of perfumes in Tahoe, plus a portion of sales goes to animals in need. It is easy to lose track of time in this fragrance library—there is so much to sniff and look at! Visitors receive an unparalleled opportunity to sample and learn about the history, chemistry and culture of fragrance. Business owner Jana Menard spent many years collecting, researching and writing about perfumes. Her project turned this boutique not only into a business, but an education and cultural resource for locals and tourists alike. Summer Saturday “Flower Series” focuses on a different flower each week and allows guests to sample perfumes, foods and drinks made from different types of flowers like roses, jasmine and lavender.

Memory is often triggered by smells and fragrance; so being in this vault can bring back a lot of memories and create new ones, especially this boutique’s assortment of rare, exotic, vintage and discontinued perfumes. It isn’t just perfume, though. This shop also offers in-house skin care and makeup line that is made fresh locally from organic ingredients. Fragrance Vault works in collaboration with animal rescue ventures both locally and worldwide, and a significant portion of sales goes towards helping those animals in need.

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