The DeRubeis Gallery will have patrons stopping in awe at the muses of Chris DeRubeis, a lifelong doodler. After taking a grinder to flat sheets of aluminum, creating wavy patterns that sparkled and then painting, DeRubeis had created a new art form: Abstract Sensualism.

This gallery exhibits several of his works, but what makes this gallery unique is that DuRubeis’ paintings jut out from the wall—no wooden frame. There are paintings of landscapes, sparkling abstractions, and powerful colors that intertwine to create the illusion of incredible depth. The work of other artists is also displayed at the gallery and their artwork is just as unique. With incredible attention to detail, vibrant colors and beautiful portrayals—their art includes paintings of landscapes, sculptures of animals and bold renditions of carved wood and metal.

This is one of the many fine art galleries at Village Center Lake Tahoe that can’t be missed.

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