Beads Etc. sells nearly every type of bead, whether it be cheap or pricey. The store even has a craft table for visitors to pick out their beads for their jewelry to then make in the store. The staff has years of experience to help customers find the right tools, and then teach the basics very quickly. They even provide jewelry making classes.

Stones and beads come from around the world—from China to India. The shop has a complete line of finished, high quality silver jewelry, rubies, emeralds, gold, glass, vintage, bone and shell. The store was established in 1988 and because they’ve been around so long, they have relationships with factories that allow them access to “First Choice” on quality stones. The wide selection of beads and stones allow for many treasures to be found for use in necklaces and bracelets. Beads Etc. is the perfect place to make a craft for yourself and a homemade gift for someone else.

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