Baja Fresh has its main focus in its name—fresh. This fast-casual Mexican grill opened its first restaurant in 1990 and has continued to expand. It features all-fresh, traditional fire-grilled Mexican favorites like burritos, tacos and quesadillas. This restaurant is passionate about serving fresh, high quality food in a bright environment—no gloomy painted walls here.

They join the variety of healthy restaurants in Village Center Lake Tahoe who are committed to the philosophy of eating well, being active and contributing to the community. Baja Fresh calls it “Living Fresh” and tries to incorporate it into everything they do, by choosing handmade instead of processed. Farm fresh not tin-canned. Flavor and nutrition instead of fillers and preservatives. Baja Fresh prides itself in food that is always prepared by hand from real recipes and real fresh ingredients, not pre-packaged. This is evident in the way their food tastes, especially their zesty variety of salsas. This is another great restaurant to sit down your shopping bags, put up your feet and eat a fresh, vegetable-filled burrito.

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