Hot Cha Cha’s slogan is “not in every mall” and because it is only found in two locations, they offer a unique collection of women’s apparel and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. There are dazzling dresses and glamorous shoes, but also a section called “around the house.” Hot Cha Cha has a design for every occasion whether it’s an après ski party, a music festival on a Lake Tahoe beach, or a soiree at Del Mar’s Turf Club. They offer ladies clothing, shoes, bags, belts and bling by manufacturers like: Aerosole, Aria, Bali, Carlos Santana, David Kahn, Dusak, Go Jeans, Jobbi, Linda Segal, NTS, Press, Sylvie and Mado, Tribal, Veronica M and Willow.

Hot Cha Cha has been a Lake Tahoe landmark since the mid 1970’s and has had a presence in the world-famous fashion mecca of Palm Springs since 1985. The boutique originally catered toward the fashion forward executive woman, dressing for her day job and social events. However, they added an international flair you see today with sassy clothing and chic designs in 2005.

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